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Angela is a skyninja, yogi, foodie, reiki healer, and travel enthusiast. A retired competitive skydiver, she is currently based in Merritt Island, FL, where you can find her scouting out all the yummy eats. In addition to teaching yoga, mentoring teachers, and hosting international retreats; she is also a certified Reiki Master. She enjoys creating unique yoga and energy healing experiences, focusing on healing from the inside out. Angela is an E-RYT 500, YACEP, and recently adopted a beagle named Leilani. You can learn more about her here,


Celeste was first introduced to yoga in 2002 to help control anxiety and panic attacks. She quickly realized the calming, meditative benefits that yoga could offer, and continued with her daily home practice for a couple of years until her anxiety was under control. Several years later a running accident, that shattered both tibias and ended her ability to run, led her back to yoga. She was fortunate to have an Orthopedic surgeon who regularly practiced yoga and recommended it as a way to gently strengthen her legs. Having practiced it in the past for its meditative benefits, Celeste was more than willing to turn to yoga again, this time for its physical benefits. She discovered Vinyasa Flow classes and was immediately drawn to the energetic feelings and strengthening that Vinyasa offered. She realized, however, that she needed to balance the more dynamic practice of Vinyasa with a more passive practice like Yin or Restorative. From the first Restorative Yoga class she attended, she was captivated by the extent of physical, mental, and emotional relaxation one could achieve with the use of props. She then expanded her yoga horizons to include Yin Yoga. With Yin, she experienced how well the long-held postures were able to gently stretch the connective tissues in her lower body, increasing joint mobility. Being a past runner, Celeste knew the benefits this could serve athletes in particular, and everyone in general. She knew that she wanted to share her love of yoga with others in need of healing, gentle stretching, increased mobility, and stillness, so in 2018 she attended Yoga Teacher Training and received her 200 RYT certification. Celeste specializes in Yin and Restorative Yoga. Her goal is that every student she has the privilege and honor of teaching leaves her class with a feeling of being nurtured, a sense of peacefulness, and a belief that someone truly cares about their well-being.


Britta began practicing yoga as a way to feel more at home in her own body & mind. She speaks openly about her lifetime battle with Anorexia & had no idea how much impact her teaching would have on her students by allowing herself to be vulnerable.

Britta has gone through multiple yoga teacher trainings and has assisted extensively under Joe Barnett and Loren Collarile Posca. She loves teaching Vinyasa, SUP yoga, and Yin yoga. Britta taught the first weekly Yin Yoga class in Brevard County and was determined to spread her teachings. It’s been nearly 10 years & she still says she falls more in love with yoga every single day.

Britta believes that our yoga practice should (and will) be different for everyone. Anatomically, we are all built differently, therefore we require different alignment and different information. With breath and mindfulness as a strong focus, she likes to encourage each of her students to find what fits their own body.
Britta leads a creative, uplifting, yet relaxing practice. From her alignment cues to individual adjustments, her students feel comfortable and loved. She infuses each class with passion, breath, and playfulness.


Loren is the owner and lead teacher trainer at The Yoga Garden. She found yoga at age 19, while studying Fine Art at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She completed her initial yoga teacher training in 2007 with YogaWorks in NYC and went on to complete multiple trainings with world renowned teachers as a way to further her knowledge of the practice.

Early on, she saw the endless potential for growth within the practice and it instantly became not only a discipline, but a way of life. Her desire to grow, learn and play was deeply fulfilled by the process. She found that even the obstacles within the practice; the moments of struggle or stumbling, were a powerful vessel for inquiry and transformation. She was deeply dedicated to her practice, but not without consequence.
Loren sustained several injuries in her practice that led her to dig deeper and question the purpose of forcing the body into unreal contortions. Why do we believe that bending beyond our limitations would somehow shape our minds and lives into what we desire? Is this what is means to find our edge? And if so, why was nothing but injury on the other side? Why are we preaching mindfulness but practicing mindless, ego-driven, fast-paced movement? These experiences and inquiries led her to break down barriers to find a better way and much of her career has been dedicated to seeking that out.
Loren’s teaching is rebellious and revolutionary, with a strong anchor of integrity. She has a solid background in anatomy and uses this to guide her students to make wise choices within their own parameters. After years of teaching classical, cookie cutter alignment, she now offers her students the ability to experience variation and look closely at their experiences so they can make mindful, informed choices for themselves. She seeks to encourage her students to believe (and accept) that they are unique, so their practice should reflect that.
Loren’s classes are thoughtful, creative and intelligently designed. She brings a sense of light hearted-ness to her teaching and focuses on providing a sense of comfort and excitement for her students. Her classes aim to empower her students, while keeping them grounded in humility so they can uncover their own innate ability to change their lives through mindful practice.




Cortney began practicing yoga towards the end of her military career. After four tours to Afghanistan, she realized she needed something other than medication to help her with PTSD. She believes that the mindful awareness that yoga provides helped to keep her living in the present and with that, her true healing began.
Cortney started teaching in 2015, after her first Yoga Teacher Training and she found that was a way for her to remain in service to others. In 2018, she assisted and studied under The Yoga Garden’s YTT program, expanding her knowledge of anatomy of the human body and how to truly create intelligent sequencing for her students, offering meaningful modifications with use of props. She believes in creating a practice for her students that offers them mindful movement and breath work on the mat, while teaching them to take their practice with them elsewhere, as the lessons we learn in our practice stay with us even as we roll up our mats. Believing that she is always a student herself, Cortney is an avid reader and continues to seek knowledge for her students and her own practice. She creates a nurturing space in her classes with her melodic voice, sense of humor and passion for the practice that leaves her students feeling refreshed, relaxed and balanced in body, mind and spirit.


Catherine began practicing yoga in 2006 and immediately became enchanted with the unique balance of serenity and strength it yields. She relied on her yoga practice during challenging treks in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Peru, Guatemala, New Zealand, Spain, and beyond, as well as during her career as an Engineering Program Manager.

Catherine completed her 200hr Teacher Training Certification under the tutelage of Loren Posca at The Yoga Garden in Melbourne, FL. She humbly and playfully embraces expanding and sharing her practice and is very grateful to all of her teachers and fellow students…past, present, and future.

Catherine’s teaching is lighthearted, yet well informed. Her classes are playful, creative and challenging, offering modifications and wise choices for all students.



Sember is a certified yoga teacher, birth doula and childbirth educator. After a decade of teaching in elementary schools, Sember found a passion for teaching people of all ages and from all places how to connect body awareness to mindful thinking through yoga.

Since the birth of her children, Sember has carved out a consistent yoga practice as a means of self care; her practice enabled sacred space for self love and acceptance as a new mom. Sember’s home practice is based on patience, discipline and connecting with the body through breath and intuition. She brings these same elements to her students by creating thoughtful sequences and helps them find functional alignment in their bodies. Sember’s gentle nurturing spirit creates an environment free of judgement for students to find strength and stretch in a supportive way. She seeks to make each posture accessible and powerful while connecting breath to mindful movement. Sember’s personal yoga journey drives her desire to bring the healing elements of yoga to people of all ages and levels.


Deirdre started her yoga journey in 2006 when she was looking for a different way to gain strength and flexibility. She had been running and working out for years, but didn’t feel it was making her as strong as it should.

Exercise had also been a huge part of how she managed the pain of fibromyalgia, but it wasn’t working as well as she got older. Recently divorced at this time, Deirdre started her yoga practice after hearing how it could benefit the mind as well as the body. After some consistent practice, the dramatic impact it had on both her mind and body was clear.

Ten years later, after quitting the corporate world, Deirdre went back to school for nutrition in search of better ways to manage fibromyalgia and other health issues. She had also seen how alternative treatments had helped her mother with cancer. Deirdre became fascinated with how our incredible body works, and how good nutrition can help us heal.

She also learned the power of our minds and the dramatic effect it has on our health. It was then that she realized she needed to add yoga to my nutrition counseling to help people harness that power. That’s when she found Yoga Medicine and enrolled in their 200hr, 500hr and Yoga Therapeutic Specialist certifications.

As Deirdre became very passionate about teaching yoga and good nutrition, she found what she had been searching for so long…true happiness in her work.

Deirdre has found that all exercise has some benefits to the mind as well as the body, but yoga’s benefits go
beyond that, since it is also a way of life. She has discovered that combining yoga with good nutrition can have a tremendous impact on healing and that the lessons of yoga have an astounding impact on
our health and happiness. Her desire is to help people live their best life by uniting their mind, body and spirit through the practice of yoga and holistic, functional nutrition.


Maria has been in the health and fitness industry since 1987. She is a board certified holistic nutritionist (Institute for Integrative Nutrition, 2008) Reiki Master, certified yoga instructor and fitness trainer. She also owns and operates The Holistic Woman,​ a holistic and healing private practice.​ Her other certifications include Surfset, TRX, Pilates, Yoga for the Chakras, Detox Yoga, Yoga for Athletes and Aerial Yoga.

When Maria’s daughter developed what the doctors diagnosed as “incurable PCOS,” at the tender age of 16, she went to work to find the root cause. Along with her willing and compliant “client”, they worked tirelessly to find the cure. The imbalance was approached from a completely holistic perspective (nutrition, exercise, spirituality, healthy relationships, empowerment, etc.), until her daughter was completely healed. That was 8 years ago and she is still using these same holistic methods and is symptom-free and thriving!

An admitted spiritual devotee, Maria believes spirituality, like nutrition and yoga, is a constant practice and never a mastery. This is what intrigues her most and keeps her focused on this humble lifestyle.

When treating a client or working with a student, Maria draws from many areas of expertise and treats every client as though they are her very own daughter, working tirelessly until they, too, are healed.

“​Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the world.​” ~ Marianne Wiliamson


Lover of minimal design, pampas grass and all things neutral! •

Alona is a full time college student, the mom of two beautiful young boys and wife to a NASA firefighter, so she’s got her hands full. Originally from Washington State, Alona has been in Florida for 10 years. She has a sharp eye for fresh design, using her artistic ability for digital/graphic design, as well as styling events and her home! She loves making her new home into a canvas, where she expresses her creativity and style.
Alona is also one of the creative minds behind The Yoga Garden style, creating lots of the content you see riddled through Instagram! She and Loren merge their skills to create a unique visual story and ambiance within the world of @yogagardenfl.
Alona is obsessed with all things handmade or local and believes strongly in quality over quantity. You’ll see these values reflected in her work. Alona has recently discovered her eye for photography and plans to continue her pursuit of that skill. Keep your eyes peeled for her photos on our feed, and follow her @alona.mary.kara


Maicie found her love for Yoga through studying dance for 23 years and learning to heal from injuries by practicing Yoga for over 11 years. While living in Tampa she decided to become a certified teacher by earning her 200 hour through Bella Prana Yoga Studio. She loves the mind, body, spirit connection that Yoga offers with moving through the postures, creating balance within the body. Yoga has given her the tools to utilize through out her daily life by helping herself to then improve the life of others. Maicie is currently leading community classes throughout Brevard. She is currently specializing in classes such as: Yin Yoga, vinyasa flow, gentle Yoga, restorative, and guided meditation. Being a Florida native she absolutely loves the beautiful community of people and having the beach as her back yard, the perfect place to practice Yoga!


Tara is a certified yoga teacher, an artist and jeweler, and a forever student. Her yoga journey began in 2013 when she sought treatment for her eating disorder, began running, and took her first steps on her path towards wellness. Through yoga, she has discovered body acceptance and believes that yoga is for everybody and every BODY, no matter your age, shape, size, or ability. Tara believes that yoga is the heart of what connects us all and also leads a local charity and a free running group. She is especially passionate about teaching beginners and considers herself a kindness activist. She teaches beginner yoga, gentle yoga, yin, and vinyasa.

Thursday @8a | Gentle Yoga | EGAD
Friday @12:15p | Restorative Yoga | EGAD
Saturday @4p | Beginner Yoga | EGAD